Party Animals has a reputation for a common sense approach to training.

Party Animals offers classes as well as individual and private instruction. Classes include basic to advanced obedience, beginning agility and conformation. Puppy Kindergarten is FREE to puppies under 5 months of age.

We also provide training evaluations at no charge. After accessing your dog, we will be able to help you develop a training plan that will best meet your dog's needs and take into consideration your schedule and your budget.  So if you are unsure how to begin with your dog, give us a call.


Basic Obedience 101 - Meets once a week for 10 weeks- Owners will be instructed on how to read their dog’s behavior and respond to it in a meaningful way to motivate their dogs to learn basic commands and become more responsive to their owners.  The exercises covered will be walking on lead in a heel position without pulling on the owner or choking himself on the collar, sitting in a calm position at the owner’s side while owner is standing still.  The sit, lay down and stand stay will all be covered as well as the recall (coming to owner when called) As the students gain proficiency in each area, we will be adding distractions and extra challenges to learn how to “proof” our dogs so that they can gain reliability in carrying out what they have learned.  Some students may begin off lead work toward the end of the class.  Cost:  $125

Puppy Kindergarten - Meets once a week - Owners will be given information on basic care of their puppy and how to establish themselves as the pack leader that their puppy needs to become a well adjusted member of the family.  We will begin work on walking on a leash, sit, stay and coming when called.  We will also cover issues specific to puppy raising (i.e. housebreaking, chewing, nipping, holding still for exams, grooming etc.) Class is designed for puppies under 5 months of age.  Cost:  Special limited time offer:  free of charge

Intermediate Obedience/Beginning Agility - Meets one night a week for 10 weeks –In this class we will be increasing the students reliability and precision on the heel sit, down and stand stay, recall exercises as well as on the off lead work. In addition we will continue work on motivating your dog to be a happy worker. This class will also be geared for the owner that has an interest in competing in obedience trials. In addition we will be teaching beginning Agility obstacles.    To participate in this class dogs must have been through our Basic Obedience 101 or equivalent approved by our trainer. Cost: $125.00

Advanced Obedience - Meets one night a week for 10 weeks- This class is for dogs that have earned their Companion Dog title or are at an equivalent level in their training and would like to begin open level work.  We will be working on motivating your dog and cover precision in off lead heeling, retrieving on flat, the broad jump and the high jump. Cost: $125

Conformation - This class meets once a week for 7 weeks-This class is for beginners interested in learning to show their dogs in conformation to more experienced handlers attempting to rid themselves of “ring nerves” Experienced exhibitors that are looking for a way to give their upcoming show dog some ring time are welcome also. Cost: $99  ( Pre-approved drop ins are welcome at this class.)

**In addition to our weeknight classes, we offer some Saturday classes.**

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